Incorporating Registers into the Post-Intermediate Curriculum

Incorporating Registers into the Post-Intermediate Curriculum


Autor: Pescetto Traverso de Bulleraich, Graciela

Editorial: Universidad libros

ISBN: 978-987-9465-90-5

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  • Edición 2013
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More often than not, advanced students are faced with the need to focus on cross-disciplinary variations of the English language, namely, technical registers, the language of advertising and even the use of the reading and listening comprehension component, illustrating English accents presented by well-known linguists.  Learners are also encouraged to account for ambiguity in ESP texts and get the most out of them, including punning mistakes based on homonymy, false friends and malapropism,  among others. Attention is also drawn to the study of humour in the classroom and neglected elements in foreign-language educaction which are often considered basic requirements at this stage,  as well as the incorporation of such academic topics as the writing of reviews and argumentative essays. In the end, students will realize that it all comes down to interacting with the text and accessing the information they need with enthusiasm and ease.

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